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I Make Having a Great Website Easy

Building a website can feel overwhelming. Let KO Web Design make it easy, and affordable. Here’s how my process works:


Get in Touch

Contact me to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

You Talk, I Listen

Tell me what you are looking for and I'll come up with a detailed proposal.

Agree on a Plan

Approve the design, scope, timeline and budget. Here’s a list of services.

Start Building

I love what I do so my turn-around is quick. Have as much or as little input as you'd like during the process.

Take it Live

After a few tweaks to make it perfect for you, we launch!


I offer ongoing maintenance and support as needed.


My name is Karen and I have been a computer geek since first introduced to coding in elementary school. I grew up in Southern California and am a graduate of University of California San Diego. My first assignment at my first college web class was to build a sample search engine page. My T.A. from that class later helped form Google – he didn’t use my idea. I moved to Telluride in 1997, and was Operations Director (and go-to staff techie) for thirteen years, first at Mountainfilm and then at Ah Haa School for the Arts. Now I make websites full-time, and hike and bike in the mountains with my daughter whenever I can.


How long does it take to build a website?

Small, simple websites usually take 2-3 weeks. Larger or more complex sites can take 6-8 weeks, or more, to get just right.

How much does a new website cost?

The cost of a new website depends on a lot of factors. Here are a few considerations that will affect the budget:

  • Size of website (how many pages it has)
  • Level of design (unique pages, customization)
  • Functionality required (web forms, ecommerce, automations)

Get in touch and I’d be happy to put together a proposal for you!

What information should I have for our initial call?

If you have a current website, please send me the URL. Look over your site and notice what you like, and don’t like, about it. Take a look around the web and track some websites that you love (look and feel, functionality, navigation). Think about who your target audience is, what you want to communicate to them, and what actions you want them to take. Are there functions your website could perform to make your life easier? Dream big!

You're hired! Now how do I deliver content for the website?

I can pull existing content from your current website without you needing to do anything. Or, you can send me new content using whichever method you are comfortable with, I’m flexible. If you want me to come up with content, I can do that too!

Karen Overn Creative Website Solutions